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Pictures Over Stillwater Services Page

Created by Greg Schulz (our Chief Pilot [FAA Part 107 and Daylight Waiver (e.g. 107.29 night flights) along with FAA Air Space Authorizations] and photographer), Pictures Over Stillwater provides unique birds-eye views, vantage points and different perspectives around, above and sometimes inside or under things in the Stillwater, Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan, western Wisconsin and upper Midwest areas.

We provide package and custom services as well as have a large number of stock images along with video B roll footage available. Our photo and video capabilities include GPS aided, motion stabilized ultra high resolution images up to 4K at 60 frames per second (FPS).

Our sUAS, UAV, Drone-based aerial photography (and video) along with inspection services support the needs of different industries and, groups and communities. Examples of our Drone-based aerial services include inspections, 3d mapping / survey, photography and video activities for:

  • Weddings
  • Agriculture one time flights and recurring schedule
  • Real Estate residential, commercial, and land development
  • Residential, civic, commercial construction projects
  • Residential and commercial property inspection
  • Storm damage assessment including roof inspections
  • Golf, Marinas, Pools, Homeowners and other associations or clubs
  • Aviation, Marine and other motorsports (action or static)
  • Marketing and promotion still and video image (raw or produced)
  • Photos, videos for websites and other social media venues
  • Events home, boat and car shows, fundraisers, weddings
  • Community, city, chamber and tourism video and still image tours
  • Consulting, education, knowledge transfer training
  • Custom projects to meet your specific needs
  • soo line railroad arcola highbridge stillwater minneapolis drone aerial photography

    Why Pictures Over Stillwater

    ✓ Experienced in all weather flying conditions
    ✓ FAA Part 107 Licensed (Commercial sUAS Drones)
    ✓ FAA Daylight Waiver (e.g. night flights)
    ✓ Drones Registered FAA (Commercial) & MNDoT
    ✓ FAA Airspace Authorization for Minnesota & adjacent areas
    ✓ MNDoT Aviation Registered (Aerial Photograph & sUAS)
    ✓ Insured and Minnesota registered business
    ✓ Still and Video Images (up to 4K 60 fps)
    ✓ Minneapolis St. Paul metro area Minnesota Wisconsin coverage
    ✓ We take care of the flying so you can focus on other things

    As a realtor, home inspector, insurance, contractor or other professional, you should be using licensed sUAS/Drone services.

    Did you know that:

  • Registering drones with FAA is not a drone operator license
  • FAA can fine non licensed drone operators $1,000 or more
  • FAA can fine those who hire non-licensed operators $11,000
  • Minnesota requires sUAS/Drone operators to be licensed
  • Minnesota requires aerial photography services to be licensed
  • What We Can Do For You

    pictures over stillwater services View of Mulberry Point Yacht Harbor downtown Stillwater on St. Croix River
    View of Mulberry Point Yacht Harbor downtown Stillwater on St. Croix River

    See a photo or image on Pictures Overs Stillwater that you would like to have a copy of?

    Contact us and we can discuss options from enlargements of high-resolution photos along with framing to use of items as part of your digital content needs. In addition to photo images (digital or prints), we also provide video services ranging from raw to produced from our digital library or your custom needs. Looking to use images and videos seen on our sites, contact us and we can discuss various options to fit your needs, timeline, and budget.

    pictures over stillwater services Arcola Mills near Stillwater MN on the St. Croix River
    Arcola Mills near Stillwater MN on the St. Croix River
    Old washington county court house stillwater mn
    Old Washington County courthouse Stillwater

    Not seeing what you need, give us a call to discuss your vision so we can understand how to address your custom requirements.

    Stillwater Liberty Village
    Oscar, DJI Phantom IV Plus with 4K video resolution and 60 fps rate along with up to 20 mp image size.
    Oscar, DJI Phantom IV Plus with 4K video resolution and 60 fps rate along with up to 20 mp image size.

    In addition to digital content creation, we also provide consultative support for where and how to store your digital assets from on-site to the cloud using various technologies, tools, and techniques. Visit our companion sites to learn more about our Information Technology (IT), cloud, data storage, server, storage, I/O, backup, data protection related expertise.

    Visit our Pro Shop and Resources page that contains various links including information about small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAS) aka Drones, FAA information, where and how to buy drones along with accessories among other items here.

    Reach us at info at picturesoverstillwater dot com

    Pictures Over Stillwater
    PO Box 2026
    Stillwater MN, 55082
    +1 651-275-1563

    Visit, follow and like us on Social Media sites shown below including Facebook/picturesoverstillwater, Instagram/picturesoverstillwater, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube.

    Pictures Over Stillwater a Proud Member of Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce
    Pictures Over Stillwater is a Proud Member of the Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce