2019 Spring Flood Season

Upper Midwest, Twin Cities, Stillwater

It is 2019 Spring Flood season in the upper midwest including Minneapolis St. Paul twin cities metro area along with western Wisconsin, eastern Dakotas and elsewhere. In the Minneapolis St. Paul twin cities metro area, there are three major rivers all of which flow into the mighty Mississippi river, not to mention numerous smaller rivers, streams, creeks as well as other runoff.

For the 2019 Spring Flood season, in the Twin Cities metro, western Wisconsin, western as well as southern Minnesota as well as eastern Dakotas, February record-setting snow fall are now melting. Besides record February snow fall, there was a lack of snow cover in the Twin Cities metro and surrounding area in early January to protect against the extreme cold, thus driving frost deeper into the ground.

With frost being four plus feet deep, snowmelt that would normally start to seep into the ground is having to run off elsewhere which results into the area lakes, ponds, creeks, streams, small rivers and ultimately the Mississippi and other large rivers.

pictures over stillwater Downtown Stillwater Flood Prep March 18 2019
Click Image for video – Downtown Stillwater 2019 Spring Flood Prep

NOAA Weather Service St. Croix River Stillwater Forecast

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Hundreds sign up for flood prep along St. Croix River in Stillwater

Above via Twincities.com image via www.picturesoverstillwater.com

2019 Spring Flood Content

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Stillwater St. Croix River Spring 2019
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pictures over stillwater St Patrick's Day Downtown Stillwater St Croix River Before Flood
Click Image for video – St Patricks Day Downtown Stillwater St Croix River Before Flood

Wrap Up (For Now)

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Now is the time to be getting prepared for 2019 spring flood season, watch for more images and content to be added soon.